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"Whip Base" Relationship

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Today I bring you the "Whip Base" Relationship theme.

This theme came to me, because I watched a situation from a lawyer who thought she could deal with a supplier using the "whip" and thus all should work better. Nothing could be more wrong…

Of more than 5,000 lawyers users, which 60% are foreigners, there is always a minority (fortunately) of clients which the ego is bigger than the planet and who feel that treating people haughty and in a despotic way works best. This behavior, when starting from some top elements, quickly extends to the rest of the team and this is one of the "formulas" to have a climate of low confidence among staff and with external entities. In fact, often we can see the other team members that are authentic behavioral photocopies. Likewise we see top partners with a fabulous attitude and then is noted that the staff is also fabulous. This is a pattern we have seen continuously in the market.

Imagine that you have a customer who is always "whipping you" at the same time you're seeking to do the best for him. You only hear someone bashing you down and even without a positive word. Can you imagine? Are you already reviewing some names? …

Now imagine a client who always has an partnership attitude, seeking always the solution, make communication easier, understands the constraints always creating a positive environment that just makes you want to work harder for that client. You can certainly see some customers like that?

Choose one of these two types of customers! Idiot sentence, isn't it :-)?

But this, just to demonstrate that the relationship with customers, suppliers, partners or any other entity with which you interact, a positive attitude and a solution environment works wonders; can unlock any situation and most important of all, may lead across a strengthening sense of extra help. If by chance, the other side wants to keep the same negative and despotic position, then do not work with that person, because the "boring" and "gray hair" are not worth the money.

I know lawyers who do this in such a delightful way that whoever works with them (us included) make that extra effort so that everything can run well.

Not long ago I spoke with a Swiss lawyer that told me that he had a colleague who despite being on the "other side of the barricade" for several times, it gave him a pleasure to deal with, because there were always an extremely warm and positive environment.

So, this lawyer knew that "the whip" was not the best strategy :-). We also have those customers that when we talk to them, we do that extra, because we feel that there is a positive reinforcement and above all we feel gratitude on the other side to know that on this side there are professionals who give their best.

We all have less good days, but the next time you have a less positive situation, change your mood and breathe deeply 10x! Then try using the "smile" and a good collaboration spirit and see what happens. I assure you that you might be surprised!
Remember that: "There is nothing more rewarding than the unrequited affection, nothing more perfect than the reciprocal tastes and the exchange of attention." Marcus Cícero

Ricardo Teixeira 
Law Firm's Board Advisory

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