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2016 - The Year

2016 - The Year

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Before all, I would like to wish you that the worst of 2016 will be the best of 2015! I wish you a Great 2016!

Early this year I would like to recover part from the newsletter which I approached "marking of goals", that many of us establishes at the beginning of each year.

In previous years, I spoke about S.M.A.R.T goals …

These goals are important, but today we will talk about D.U.M.B. goals!

It's extremely important to trace out goals for our organization, because these will give our team a direction, a target we want to achieve. And this is when we define the "SMART GOALS", S.M.A.R.T means "Specific", "Measurable", "Attainable" "Realistic" and "Timely". For each goal set, this had to comply with these criteria and not to a rather subjective: "Let's bill some more".

Although this way to define and verify the defined goals is very important, the questions that arise are: Are they inspiring? Do they push up the team when difficulties arise?

This is where the D.U.M.B. goals appears! But how are they defined?

When JFK said the United States would reach the moon, he had no idea how they would achieve this goal, but that gave the impetus to the nation in an inspiring way. I know it seems a bit strange, but it was on purpose that I made this reference, to realize how important it is to have inspiring goals. Maybe we can all call it "vision"!

Let's decode the D.U.M.B. goals:

"Dream Focus" -  It is a dream, a Vision that seems impossible;
"Uplifting" - Something that excites you, makes you smile;
"Method-based" – A must have method to achieve a strategy (even not knowing, by now, how to turn it into tangible steps);
"Behavior-trigger" – Must have to be able to trigger a next step. It is a goal that launches you forward;

The D.U.M.B. goals are intended to help you to think "out-of-the-box", thinking without limits. Why shouldn’t you have a goal like that? When I was 12 and started training Karate, Pedro Choy, my sensei, used to tell me: “You may be a World Champion one day”. For me it was a dream, something unattainable, but when we are children the dream always leads us, and so, to be a World Champion became my D.U.M.B. goal. What I can say is that it became true when I was 20 years old, when I was the first Portuguese Karate World Champion. :-)

Now, that you know what D.U.M.B. goals are, take advantage of this beginning of the year to define them. And then, for each D.U.M.B., set SMART goals, at the end, these are the goals to achieve your vision. You will see you will have a motivated team and, above all if you're the leader, you will have something that inspires you in good times and bad times. Here is where the foundation of your time management begins!

Undoubtedly, one of the things that you may always thinks is: How will I find the time to accomplish all my goals? Especially when we are caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

And passed the euphoria of the new year and all the enthusiasm for the previously defined objectives, we face that lack of productivity accompanied by that frustration… And the truth is that being busy does not mean being productive!

Remember that: "If you have an objective in life, then you need to concentrate on that and not being engaged in fighting with your enemies. You want to create an atmosphere where you can move everybody towards the goal you have set for yourself – as well as the collective for which you work."  - Nelson Mandela

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