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How do I attract new clients and or raise my income? – 2nd Part

How do I attract new clients and or raise my income? – 2nd Part

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In the previous article about Marketing and strategies to gain new clients, I focused on 5 points: Maintaining clients, References, Competition, Business Associations and Website. I hope you are applying them already… If not, go back a few pages!!!


In this article we will focus on 5 more points that are not less important:


1. Cards and brochures. These were the first elements in which we would think a few years ago. Nowadays, there are many people that simply don’t use them because most contacts are electronic. It’s exactly for that reason that’s very important to have them! Since the cards are less used nowadays there is a larger probability that they caught the attention.

However, in order to make a card work, a few details must be taken in account.

As an example, the size is a matter to consider. It should have the same measures of an ATM card, to keep it easy to save.

On the other hand, you should use a card as an advertisement with the indication of your offices’ addresses, as well as the law areas. Use both sides of the card, but without filling them too much, leave a small space to write on!

Brochures are very important and you can use a little mix scheme with them (if you don’t wish to spend a lot in typographic). In other words, you can use a well-designed Powerpoint presentation and print it in a nice paper with colored laser jet, making a pleasant feature to have inside a briefcase. That way, you have a prepared presentation to send by e-mail and, at the same time, to be printed.


2.  Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social networks are already a reality and organizations are getting more worried about this digital reality.

You may say: my clients don’t care about that!

How do you know? Have you already asked them? Do you think that in their family or organization nobody uses these networks? And their friends? And friends of their friends? Do you start to get how far it can go?


3. Article. Articles can be a fantastic tool, but they also can be “the wrong tool for the job”. It all depends on the content and length. Every day I see articles that are real “newspapers”. The size is fundamental, it can’t fill more than two screen sizes, and the information given must be useful. This way, the article is a great way to create a loyalty bound between you and your clients, because it represents an excellent presence that reminds readers that you there, and on the other hand it offers valuable information to the subscriber.


4. Seminars and Workshops. Seminars are great places for recruiting new clients. You may be given a role as a speaker in a given event, or it can be promoted and managed by yourself. If the subject is attractive and easily understood, many companies or businessman will attend it for sure.


5. Business Associations. To participate in Business Associations is, without any doubt, another way of advertisement. These kind of associations have a group of associates that are potential clients. Why don’t relate this with point 4 and promote some Workshops for these associates?


Of course all of this works if it’s applied… But you must not forget something very important: be available! There are many lawyers that do an amazing public relations job but, when we want to speak with them, they don’t answer the phone, they are never at the office (or order to say that they aren’t) and it’s really hard to get a meeting with them. Obviously in these occasions any potential client or actual client won’t hesitate about switching his lawyer.


Start today!


Remember that: “Who thinks that cannot achieve great deeds, needs to remember that he must be great in the small things he does.”

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