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Law Activity Diagnosis

Law Activity Diagnosis

 - Reading time: 2 min. 40 s.

In this article we will deal with a very important subject which many few lawyers do: diagnosis!


There are many ways to diagnose our activity. There are indicators like:


- How many new clients has your office raised last year? And new cases?

- What’s the retainers’ status?

- Work time VS billed time?

- Billing growth VS the costs?


We could ask many other questions, but this kind of important analysis is not a quick approach, because it demands the extraction of values. Then, how to do it?


What we want is to take a picture of your organization in a quick analysis, using a tool called “Law firm/Lawyer Wheel”. What is it?


Analyze the image below


Its use is very simple.





 The wheel contains several areas:


- Knowledge: Is there a global knowledge inside the law firm?


- Growth: How is the law firm growing?


- Team/Motivation: Are the team members motivated? If you work alone, are you motivated in what you’re doing?


- Technology: Does the firm owns updated technological tools that help improve individual and group performance?


- Procedures / Communication: Is the internal communication working? Everyone knows how to do it? Information flows in a systematic way and with well-defined procedures?

- Clients (Satisfaction / Interaction): What’s the level of satisfaction of the clients? Do you get many complaints? Clients often approach you? Is there a good relationship?


- Cash: How is my cash flow?


- Power/ Proactivity: The team shows energy when they discuss a subject? Is it proactive about certain difficulties? You don’t wait for the client to contact you and is you that makes the first contact?


Now classify each one of these items from 1 to 10 and place a dot in the respective number.


Done? Next, link and connect the dots into a straight line. Fill or paint the obtained image.


Look to the result and think: if the firm is a car we are now looking to its wheels. At which speed can you drive this car? Which parts must you improve to get the closest picture of a wheel so that the “car” moves the best possible way?


Remember: 10 good areas represents an excellent organization, 5 excellent areas and 5 bad areas can lead to a very limited organization!

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