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Don’t «wrap» yourself in the daily law activity

Don’t «wrap» yourself in the daily law activity

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At the end of each year we always think “New Year – New Life!”, so it’s always a good time to establish an organization changing mark. In this period, people are more receptive to changes, so it’s fundamental to communicate what we want to do and which objectives must be accomplished in the new year. BUT WHY WAIT FOR THE END OF THE YEAR? LET’S DO IT NOW!


We’ve already spoken about the SMART Goals, which are important to trace a path for the organization! After this stage there is another important thing to do: define an action plan.


In other words, trace and outline activities so we can fulfill the proposed objectives, before we get “wrapped” in the daily deadlines, clients and court stress. For that you just need to establish a little plan containing:


1. Activity title;

2. Short description;

3. Deadline setting;

4. Who’s in charge;

5. Main future objective;

6. Control points.


This last point is very important, because it will be in this moment that we will check the activity status and decide what measure we have to apply to achieve the desired success. It’s vital not to let activities get lost… The countless daily requests may take us to this reality, so it’s very important to arrange a “Meeting with MYSELF”. What does “Meeting with MYSELF” means?


Many of us fill our time with meetings with clients, colleagues and others, but we never meet with “ourselves”… In other words, to have that little time just to THINK about our activities, or even just to breathe and relax a little. This is crucial to clearly evaluate our activities and determine our future steps in a structured manner.


So next time that you think: “I don’t have time!” schedule a meeting with yourself, “MEETING WITH MYSELF”, and block this meeting like if it was an unchangeable meeting with a client. 


Remember that: “If you don’t have time for yourself, who will have?

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