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Law Management Solutions Choice

Law Management Solutions Choice

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Choosing a solution to manage information (which many call a minimalistic program) is critical for the law activity growth and good management, whether to an individual lawyer, little, medium or large law firms, or even to law departments of companies and institutions.


Because it’s a sensitivity matter, organizations must, besides analyzing the solution, make sure that the company has know-how in that area: assure that the company has a credible position in the market (that is not just one more among the others), that the company knows the law environment and, above all, that it can provide a credible partnership with value.


It’s important to figure out if the solution has periodic updates that assure a continuous answer to needs and especially if it has a help-desk that clears out all your questions and difficulties.


Owning a computer system means having frequent situations that need special attendance. You can’t think it’s just install it and voilà! An information system is something very serious that must not be taken on lightly.


Besides the application’s functional aspect, it’s important to understand if the company has some support consulting service that can help define procedures inside the organization.


Even more important than the computer system it’s having a partner company that advises, knows other market practices, shares the knowledge and represents an added value to the organization.


Above all, get partners that help you acquire a more professional management and avoid having a “parachute” company as partner.


José Mourinho, a super-manager of soccer, likes to have his own methods, but always the best tools and especially the best partners and the necessary confidence needed to evolve in his job. And when he doesn’t have them he creates conditions that allow team’s dynamism and over-performance.


Remember: “Instead of suppliers look for partners with added value!”

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