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Quality Certification in Law Firms

Quality Certification in Law Firms

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The business area development in law firms offers a new volume of services that can be provided, resulting from the recruitment of new clients and the evolution of older clients.


On the other hand, the evolution of the organics of law firms brings many new realities. In human resources, it brings different ages, educational graduations and personalities. In relation to the work space reorganization, it brings the adaptation between the team, the work tools and the work environment. In relation to the introduction of new work tools, it brings the new information technologies setup and important training in this area. All of this evolution of the organics of law firms tries to answer, in a combined way, to the business area.


The problem is how to manage this complex and dynamic reality from the inside, assuring rates of high efficiency (do fast) and effectiveness (do well), quickly, with quality and with competitive prices, to satisfy client’s needs and expectations and follow market’s path, without forgetting the worries with personal and professional evolution of the law firm’s elements.


To solve that problem, José Macieirinha, Pedro Macieirinha e Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, RL, among other measures, decided to adopt a quality management system (SGQ), beginning its quality certification process with SGS entity in April 2008.


SGQ focused on the Law Services and on the Notary Services, with an approach by file, managed to allow the transformation of exits in entries, aiming the step-by-step control of the connection between single files within the files system, as well its combination and interaction.


On the other hand, it was adopted the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” method, in other words: plan (set the goals and the necessary steps to deliver results accordingly to client’s requests and firm’s policy); execute (setup the process); verify (monitor and measure processes and final product and report the results); act (engage actions to improve the process performance continuously).


For that purpose, it was created the SGQ documentation constituted at level 1 (determine the commitment and firm’s responsibilities before the clients) by a Quality, Quality Policy and Quality Objectives Guide; at level 2 (determine who, what and when in methodology terms) constituted by the Case Documents; at level 3 (determine how) constituted by Service, External Documents and Other Documents Instructions; at level 4 (system working evidences) by Registrations and Forms.


There were also created Files, with the respective Documents and heads of Management, Improving, Clients Management, Planning, Legal, Registrations and Notary and Resources Management areas. In Quality Management Process external consulting help has been “precious”, in which in an half year has been formed the several law firm member’s “modus operandi” to create a single “modus faciendi”.


Biweekly consulting has been very important because it allows us to look over several procedures objectively and with constant external control from someone who gets to know several law firms’ processes internally.


Besides that, the Information System KAMAELAW intervenes for SGQ’s implementation, based on a solution that supports all the office activity, in which are registered: matters/files related to clients and other issues (with tasks, deadlines, expenses, fees and intervenient registers); intervenient (with client, worker, lawyer, judicial, supplier, contacts and retainer registers); reports (with performer’s reports, corporate reports registers), allowing digital storage office documents in circulation. To strictly control the settled goals annually without turning it into an exhausting control, we can count with the several reports available at KamaeLaw for all law firms’ tasks, made accordingly with those objectives.


The Solution metrics display is important for a full analysis of the firm’s internal operation as well as the profitability analysis of each law case and each client.


Through SGQ, attendance consulting and KamaeLaw Information System it’s possible to improve analysis, decision, implementation and services production capacity inside the office and the law firm.


Lastly, with the implemented measures and through collective elements mass contribution it’s possible to generate a complementarity or combination value for the law firm, where the value of the whole is greater than the sum of each part, always with respect for the specific nature of lawyer’s liberal activity and for the Lawyers Bar Association ethical principles.

Victor Fernandes


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