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Why Lawyers and Law Firms lose Clients?

Why Lawyers and Law Firms lose Clients?

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Lawyers have always been notorious people (as doctors and priests) and their relationships with clients used to last forever. Those times changed radically and today it’s usual to see clients changing their lawyer or law firms. It’s a trend in our days.

It’s clear that the result of the lawyer’s work will contribute for the long or short relationship, but weather the lawyer wins or loses the case, he needs to attend the client. The lawyer needs to know how to attend the client whatever the final result is. The important thing is that the client cannot feel that he was not conveniently attended or that he wasn’t given the deserved attention.

Lawyers and law firms have to take better care of their clients. A study about clients from 150 different law firms revealed that clients value pro-activity and work transparency, being this one of the TOP 3 qualities enjoyed by the law firm’s clients. Pro-activity is a HUGE ADVANTAGE!

The client might get bored if he has to look for updates on his own situation, especially business clients who always have to know what’s happening in real time.

Transparency is crucial in the explanation of what has been done. Reporting that: “everything is being done about your case file” is not enough! You must explain and show what was done and why.

Sometimes, when you send the final invoice some relationship tensions appear. This happens because the work was not carried along with clear explanations and also because normally the invoice is sent too late, which makes the client feel “robbed” since for him the problem is already solved and forgot!

Well, the most frequent excuse is the famous lawyer line: “I don’t have time!” About this, I advise you to read our articles on time-management.

So , how to work out these points? 

These matters can be easily solved, if you have a web intranet system displaying to your clients the cases status, the completed tasks and the documentation.

You also need a billing integrated system that connects work reports with the respective bills.

You don’t have these tools? Talk to us!

Many lawyers or law firms tell us: “our client wants a personal treatment”. Nooooo! That’s a cliché and is not what our study showed us!

Time is everything and often the clients can’t properly reach their lawyer because he’s in a meeting or with other clients or whatever.

They also value a site where it’s possible to see the status of their cases. For them it’s like consulting home banking to check your bank account. You don’t need to call the account manager to check our account balance, right?

And note that most people that state that the client prefer a personal treatment, usually never had the guts to ask their clients. Therefore, how can they know what the client really wants?

The truth is that 90% of law firms and lawyers are not prepared for this transparency level. It’s not a matter related to the dimension of the law firm but to its organization. Yes, having a website for clients search for information about their files demands an organized law firm that has well defined procedures. Besides, team’s discipline is extremely important because the information must be displayed accordingly to the law firm’s policies.

On the other hand, if the client really wishes personal contact, than the system should have a way of contact, in case the client doesn’t know about something.

As a summary, law firms with high transparency levels have been keeping their clients and grow more in comparison to those who don’t have them. Besides that, transparency it’s a very important requirement nowadays for many international and national lawyers and law firms awards.

Remember that: “Pro-activity and transparency can be the difference between keeping or losing clients!”

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