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Associate’s participation failure

Associate’s participation failure

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The implementation of an information system will fail if the top employees are not involved. The implementations that fail or have fewer results are directly proportional to the involvement of the senior partner. I’m not saying that he needs to know at 100% how everything works, or that he can’t delegate, but he should have a very clear idea about what’s necessary for his organization, what are the key features for his organization and which procedures must be linked and have a status.

What usually happens is that the responsible senior partner wrongly delegates all the decisions, doesn’t appear in the trainings, and doesn’t finish the meetings, which gives away to his team the ideia of no involvement… And then the team thinks, many times unconsciously, “if our boss cares this much this it’s not that important to me too!”.

The first problems appear and the senior partner complains that the system gives troubles. When we ask about the trouble they can’t elaborate, they only say that there are troubles and if we look for a specification they say “I don’t know, but will ask”, in other words, they pass the ball. A leader must know which are the exact problems so that he can ask for them to be solved in a quick and effective way.

Frequently, they say that they have no time for getting involved but the thing is: they will lose more time in the future, because they didn’t solve anything with their team like a true leader! And when the problems appear a simple phone call can solve all the issues, but because the team is conditioned they use the e-mail, delaying the answering capability. Problems will accumulate and after that it reaches a peak where everything goes up to a dimension above of what really is; and the system becomes the “bad guy”.

When we analyze a problem (or potential problem), we are like Dr. House: we always think that the user isn’t telling us everything and that is telling in an incorrect way. We know that is something unconscious, but it happens. That’s why we have to figure out many times which is the evil’s source. 

We must realize that computer systems are not flawless and there will be always a moment when they fail and almost always when we needed it the most!!! It’s called Murphy Law!

Think about it: “Involve yourself passionately in the changes that bring to you potential benefits!”

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