• Do you known effectively how much you earn?
    Do you have control over your Agreements?
    Do you known that time-sheet
    not recorded implies lose
    between 25 to 40% billing?
  • Still using the bank account
    balance as reference or had serious
    management indicators?
    you lose 20 to 35% of your time
    researching information?

We don't seek to meet your needs, we seek to anticipate them! Innovation is a priority in our company, - see here.


I would like to apply for the next phase of the Cloud Software KamaeLaw as a early adopter and by this way having a special price.

We take your 
office department
to the next level!


Ineffectiveness os Timesheets

We can assist in an increase from 15 to 40%. Eliminate excuses of not register with solutions to your needs.

Poor Financial Control

Control the work not billed, the debts, the client credit proactively. Only this point can improve 10 to 20% your liquidity.

Confusing Procedures

Our knowledge allows us to know the best markets practices. We help to reorganize your office.

Lack of Knowledge Sharing

Your greatest asset is knowledge. You must have tools and procedures to help you keep it and to evolve it.

Inadequate Indicators

The bank account has long been insufficient. The billing indicator has long ceased to be efficient. We must have indicators that help us anticipate the future.

Tech Wrong Choices

Technology is not a trend, but rather a set of choices that aims to increase productivity.

Rotating Staff

As we know that training people is always a headache, we help to reduce this pain.

Too Much Paperwork

The research time for a document is ever growing, therefore the digital format is a must.

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KAMAELAW Solutions

  • To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

    - Lao-Tsé -
  • Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant!

    - Horatius -
  • Anticipating customer needs is a priority within Kamae and every quarter we have innovations rolling out!

    - Ricardo Teixeira -